G.I.I.F. is an informal group constituted in September 1994 by Physics teachers of middle, high school and academic education. 

Mission Statement

Scope of G.I.I.F. 
Support educational reform and develop interdisciplinary content for Physics and Science education for children and young people

  • Create facilities for professional communication 
  • Support various changes in Physics education 
  • Promote new management culture in education 
  • Education for integration in the environment 

Recent announcements

  • Getting GIIF Back On-line! We are in the process of getting this website accessible againfrom the url www.fizica.ro/giifMeanwhile users may like to share the long url
    Postat la 21 apr. 2014, 00:53 de către Site Coordinator
  • Worlds biggest waterslide! Bruno Kammerl built the biggest waterslide on earth and the test run was more than successful :-) Watch it!
    Postat la 12 nov. 2009, 12:06 de către Site Coordinator
  • Invitatie G.I.I.F. 15 ANI! we are 15 in september!
    Postat la 12 nov. 2009, 11:51 de către Site Coordinator
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Recent links

Currency Converter http://www.convertor.ro/ 
Ziare Romania http://ziarero.realitatea.net/ 
Google Translate EN > RO http://translate.google.ro/?hl=ro&tab=wT# 
Fizica.ro http://www.fizica.ro 
Leducat.ro http://www.leducat.ro 
YouTube EDU http://www.youtube.com/edu 
Search for physics definitions, formula and much more Wolfram Alpha 
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